IML Preperations

For some silly reason I haven’t blogged for a little while and yet I’ve been to Berlin amongst other places that I should write about! If I was into CP I’d give myself a smack but I guess that’s about as much fun as being a top and having to play solo. 

As I write this, I’m sat on a United Airlines flight above the Atlantic Ocean heading towards Chicago. To be precise, I’m currently travelling at 561 miles per hour, 1548 miles from London and still have 2783 miles to go until I get there which is another 5.5 hours to wait until I can have a cigarette! 

So I am on my way to compete at IML. In fact there’s a large number my European counterparts taking part this year and I believe it might actually be the most thats ever competed.

Being the shy and retiring kind, I’m not quite sure what to expect. A number of people have helped me prepare for this week in terms of coaching, speech writing, outfits and the like as well as online and offline friends who have sent me well wishes and cards which is rather humbling. I had a send off last Friday at the Eagle in Vauxhall which was nice – not overly busy despite being the usual London Leathermen last Friday of the month event and in fact there was only the current president there. Sadly, it wasn’t advertised as my send off (and the club Facebook page has posted about IML but neglected to mention that im taking part lol) so I’m guessing IML isn’t as important to a persons club as it is to the contestant. But moving on……

A big shoutout has to go out to Nhamo at Spitfire leather who are one of my sponsors and have dressed me for IML and will be dressing for each official event I go to. 

There’s 62 contestants entering this year and let’s face it we would like to win. But, we are all winners for getting this far. Most people know my journey to how I’ve got here and none of this amazing stuff would be happening if I hadn’t have gone through the hell ive been through. My only goal is to get into the top twenty so I can get to tell my story. Anything else is a bonus. 

Anyway, I need to get some shut eye and I’ll update you all through the week!